McPherson Engineering Enterprises LLC Project

Fuel quality analyzer
October 2016


Responsibilities include:
 • Requirements generation and development with engineering team and customer

 • Full systems engineering and design

 • Opto-mechanical and mechanical design

 • Optical layout

 • Custom housing design including customer provided color scheme and labeling

 • Cuvette sample chamber design

 • Full engineering document package and draft manufacturing documentation

 • Assembly of 7 prototype systems including bread board for future R&D based on this design

 • Aided in generation of test plan


Product Details:

 • Spectroscopically measures color and a standardized version of opacity (haze) of fuels for quality measurement and verification

 • Molded plastic housing and full optical chamber designed to withstand the harsh characteristics of various fuels

 • 350-900nm spectral range

 • 2 on board light sources across multiple optical paths

 • Light tight optical chamber for cuvette based fluidic measurement

 • Utilizes and detects 3 different cuvette sizes for various fuel types

 • Internal system test to indicate presence of contamination and verify accuracy of each measurement

 • On board PC and touch screen with membrane display and additional user buttons

 • Designed for ease of use and minimal button pushes by operator for measurement

 • Envelope: 14” X 14” X 13”

Spectrometer Superbench assembly

April 2016


Responsibilities included:

 • Complete system design of Superbench assembly

 • Custom housing design

 • Engineering and manufacturing documentation

 • Assembly of 7 prototype systems


Product Details:

 • Superbench assembly contains 5 spectrometers and 2 light sources, all optically coupled together for single point use

 • 200nm to 1700nm spectral range

 • Integrated power supplies for all components and USB hub for communication

 • 4 months from project inception to delivery

 • Envelope:  20” X 18” X 16”


Superbench featured on CBS News on the About page.



Prototype Design for Laser Surgery System



Responsibilities include:
 • Provide FDA required engineering document package

 • System Design including systems and industrial engineering

 • Integration of all components

 • Consideration for cooling and air flow

 • Implementation of customer requirements (shape, casters, laser, chiller, etc.)

 • Opto-mechanical design for laser delivery through external SMA


Product Details:

 • SMA fiber output with external fiber sensing

 • Switch membrane control display

 • Thulium Laser ~2000nm

 • Secondary indicating laser coaxial with Thulium laser

 • Laser focus into variable fiber options

 • Swivel Casters

 • Removable skins for easy access and service to internal components

 • External footswitch control, emergency shutoff, key switch, power cord,
bumpers, and handles

 • Internal power distribution, system control, laser, chiller, laser fiber, indicator

laser, and coaxial laser combining optical assembly with focus into SMA

 • Envelope:  35.5” X 34” X 22.7”



Long range / dynamic spectrometer system for education

April 2016


Responsibilities included:

 • Complete system design

 • Optical layout

 • Documentation

 • Assembly

 • Functional test


Product Details:

 • 200nm to 1700nm spectral range

 • Resolution down to 0.08nm

 • 3 interchangeable detector options within a single system

 • 4 grating turret to provide spectral range and resolution variances

 • On the fly alignment capability for any configuration within defined parameters including easy ergonomic access for educators and students

 • USB 2.0 interface with 12V power for cooled detector option (900-1700nm range detector)

 • Envelope:  12” X 12” X 6”

 • SMA 905 input interface with adjustable slit widths from 25 to 200 micron

including optional filter for 785nm RAMAN measurement
 • Hinged lid and external grating rotation adjustment for ease of use

 • Project kickoff to delivery in < 6 weeks


Emissions Monitor Subassembly

January 2015


Responsibilities included:

 • Develop and define system requirements

 • Opto-mechanical design

 • Optical layout

 • Project engineering

 • Full transfer to manufacturing

 • Tooling

 • Customer interface


Product Details:

 • 200nm to 650nm spectral range

 • Designed to interface to bifurcated optical fiber and probe assembly for

emissions transmission measurement

 • Off the shelf, pulsed Xenon light source

 • Field replaceable light source with quick eject for light source change

in < 1 minute

 • SPI communication to EMBED spectrometer (2013 design project )

 • Envelope:  7.5” X 4” X 4”

 • SMA 905 input interface to spectrometer, custom light source to fiber interface for optimal throughput

Dale McPherson Projects

Liquid Authenticator Pelicase System

December 2014


Responsibilities included:

 • Project engineering

 • Develop and define system requirements

 • Opto-mechanical system design

 • Optical layout

 • Cost analysis

 • Complete documentation package

 • Full transfer to manufacturing

 • Quality requirements definition

 • Tooling

 • Customer interface


Product Details:

 • Fluidic cell measurement system with optical path lengths ranging from 0.2mm to 20mm utilized for absorbance measurement

 • Single spectrometer and source utilized for 3 fluidic channel measurement system




 • Deuterium / Halogen light source with field replaceable bulb

 • Embedded laptop PC

 • Custom SMA 905 fiber optic assemblies

 • 220nm to 450nm spectral range

 • USB 2.0 interface with 120V AC power

 • Envelope:  18-1/2" X 14” X 7"

 • 3 channel fluidic input and output ports

 • System temperature and bulb life monitoring

 • For more information:

Prostate Biopsy Detection Subassembly

November 2014


Responsibilities included:

 • opto-mechanical system design

 • complete documentation package

 • customer interface

 • requirements development

 • test and manufacturing documentation

 • assembly, test, and delivery


Product Details:

 • Quantity 2 prototype systems delivered

 • Spectrometer and light source subassembly

 • Custom SMA 905 fiber optic assemblies

 • 220nm to 650nm spectral range (custom ranges available)

 • Custom light source, 3 source co-axial focused into fiber through SMA port.

 • Extreme light source stability and lifetime requirements

 • On board photodiode feedback and temperature controller for sources

 • 12V DC power

 • Envelope:  15-1/2" X 10-1/4” X 3-1/2"

Additional Projects (more details may be furnished upon request):


 • Slit alignment station for improved spectrometer slit accuracy and streamline of manufacturing.  Increased accuracy by 50% and repeatability by 100%, increased throughput by 75%.

 • NIRQuest project program manager and systems engineer.

 • Automated test fixture for largest volume OEM for reduced field failures and streamline of manufacturing.  Increased accuracy of test results by 80%, reduced field failures by 60%.

 • Laser resonator redesign for efficiency and reduce field failures.  Increased throughput power by 20%, increased rep rate by 10%, reduced field failures by 50%.



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