McPherson Engineering Enterprises LLC design on CBS

MEE LLC designed the Superbench Spectrometer used by Target for food analysis. More info here.

Founded in January 2015 by Dale McPherson, McPherson Engineering Enterprises, LLC is your solution to system design and engineering project needs.

Specializing in opto-mechanical design for new and exotic technologies, McPherson Engineering Enterprises LLC offers services in optical system design, system prototyping, project engineering, and manufacturing engineering.  With a wide range of experience and capability, all aspects of a project are considered for optimal designs meeting the customers’ requirements, cost, and timeline expectations.





 • Lasers and laser delivery systems

 • Spectrometers, light sources, and light delivery subsystems for all spectroscopic applications

 • Commercial, medical, and some aerospace system design

 • System level implementation of opto-electric sensors, sources, and thermal control devices

 • In-line manufacturing test and quality monitoring

 • Design for manufacturability and low cost for small volume production (<2000 per year)

 • Project management; proposals, SOW, requirements, budgets, and cost tracking

 • Design and manufacturing documentation (Including design and procurement packages, assembly instructions, and quality procedures)



Dale McPherson is the senior engineer on staff at McPherson Engineering Enterprises LLC.  MEE has a team of engineers available with expertise in optical engineering, laser design, electrical engineering and firmware.  These capabilities allow MEE to provide anything from opto-mechanical subsystems through complete electro-optic system design.  Contact MEE for more details.


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